Mississippi Institute for Improvement of Geographic Minority Health



The Mississippi Institute for the Improvement of Geographic Minority Health (MIGMH) was established through a competitive grant awarded by the Health and Human Services’ Office of Minority Health Research in September 2006. The Institute focuses on some of the key indicators of health status in Mississippi and targets mechanisms to increase the knowledge surrounding these conditions along with strategies to improve them. 

The Institute’s goals are: (1) To improve awareness of healthcare issues among minority individuals with a special emphasis on disadvantaged people living in rural areas; (2) To increase access to quality healthcare for rural disadvantaged populations; (3) To increase the number of healthcare providers who provide services to traditionally underserved populations; (4) To improve health outcomes for minority and rural disadvantaged populations and (5) To develop a model for improving minority health and eliminating health disparities that can be replicated across the U.S.

The Institute is composed of substructures called “Cores.”  Each Core has its own Director, Project Manager and Administrative staff and administers programs through our partners:

Research Core

CHIPS Core (Center for Health Informatics and Patient Safety)

Health Services Core

Education/Awareness Core

Administrative Core